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Ryan O’Beirne

A Rust/Cargo Crate Resumé

R&D Engineer: Raleigh/Durham, NC


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I am a Research Engineer with a specialized focus in color management and automated image processing. I have a creatively diverse education background which includes studies in Architecture, Graphic Design, Photography, and Media Arts (photography, video, sound art), in addition to a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I am a very detail-oriented individual, and I pride myself on my ability to quickly learn and master complex systems.

I have nearly 20 years of professional experience with wide-format printers, laminators, and presses including aqueous, pigments, solvent/eco-solvent, latex, and dye-sublimation ink and media technologies. I have worked with a variety of substrates including polyester/polypropylene films, adhesive vinyls, banner vinyls, and natural and synthetic textiles.

I find that my professional interests tend to gravitate toward the technical aspects of the creative processes in print production including RIP/Color Management and image processing software. I am especially interested in open-source software and building tools that anyone can use to accomplish their software goals.

I am an IDEAlliance Certified G7Expert



  • Exploring new technologies and learing about the latest best practices in the industry are very important to me and my career goals.
  • My studies in higher education include undergraduate and graduate degrees in creative and buisiness fields.
  • Nearly 20 years of experience in print manufacturing, color management, and software development.
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