Trait cgats::Delta

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pub trait Delta: Into<LabValue> {
    // Provided method
    fn delta<L>(self, other: L, method: DEMethod) -> DeltaE
       where L: Into<LabValue> { ... }
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Trait to determine color difference between various types. As long as the type can be converted to Lab, we can calculate DeltaE.

Provided Methods§


fn delta<L>(self, other: L, method: DEMethod) -> DeltaEwhere L: Into<LabValue>,

Calculate DeltaE between 2 types

use deltae::*;

let lch = LchValue::new(60.3, 89.2, 270.0).unwrap();
let xyz = XyzValue::new(0.347, 0.912, 0.446).unwrap();
let de  =, DE1976);
assert_eq!(de, 180.18364);



impl<T> Delta for Twhere T: Into<LabValue>,