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This crate contains utilities for parsing and creating CGATS color data files.




  • Color types represented in a CGATS DATA_FORMAT
  • The most common DeltaE methods
  • The building block of CGATS data
  • The types contained within the DATA_FORMAT section of a CGATS file
  • CGATS header data
  • A vendor is the party that makes the CGATS file with their own special sauce.


  • Trait to format data for writing to CGATS files
  • Trait to determine color difference between various types. As long as the type can be converted to Lab, we can calculate DeltaE.
  • Front end method for the PartialSum trait
  • Trait to add values that may or may not be compatible. Returns None if either value is not a type that can add.
  • Trait to average values in an iterator that may or may not be compatible
  • Trait to divide values that may not be compatible.
  • Trait to sum an iterator of values that may or may not be compatible

Type Definitions